Tales, Myths and Legends


Tales, Myths and Legends:

Reading tales, myths and legends from our regions to give
our learners a taste for reading and thus fight against
inequalities in learning to read and promote the inclusion of

This multidisciplinary project around the tales, myths and legends specific to each country concerned, is a vector of learning because the mythical stories, by the values that they drain, are interesting:

  • For the construction of culture (integration into a cultural identity), since they are at the origin of the major themes developed by literature or the arts.
  • For citizenship education, another key element of education, because they are indicative of belonging to a community.
  • To help pupils in difficulty, precisely because these stories pose real problems rooted in the depths of human beings. They therefore carry structuring elements for the individual.
  • To discover the world because they allow mediation of intercultural (and intergenerational) exchanges, facilitating awareness of the universal under the particular.

This project will allow us to work on:

  • Our mother tongue (speaking (oral), reading, understanding, writing)
  • Sports education
  • Arts education
  • Teaching in ecology
  • Technological education
  • Teaching new technologies (IT, digital, video)
  • Foreign languages (English- Spanish and Italian)


  • Cultural Dances
  • Tales, myths and legends through carnival activities