Story changers


Story Changers: Enhancing Pupils’ Social Skills and Enriching Teaching Methods Through Storytelling and Virtual Reality

Story Changers aims to develop primary school pupils’ social skills through a combination of storytelling and virtual reality, as well as to provide teachers with innovative teaching tools for the development of their pupils’ soft skills.

This will be achieved through the creation of the “You Tell” stories, a series of interactive stories for primary education pupils with several alternative plots (based on the methodology of Gianni Rodari and Eugene Trivizas) to be chosen by pupils based on their social skills and values. Five of these “You Tell” stories will be converted to interactive VR scenarios. The stories and VR interactive scenarios, along with other deliverables (e.g., icebreakers, guides), will be included in the “Change the Story” teaching package compiled to be used by teachers inside and outside the consortium for the development of their pupils’ social skills.

Partners: Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Malta and France

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Story changers is changing the way storytelling is being perceived and implemented by both teachers and students. Specifically:

As far as PUPILS are concerned, to:

  • Enhance their social skills, such as empathy, critical thinking, problem solving, accepting diversity, self-consciousness, etc.
  • Help them discover the power of storytelling and be inspired to use it in their everyday life as well as in their future life (studies, professional career)
  • Help them appreciate and acquaint themselves with new and innovative technologies, upgrading their digital/ICT skills

As far as TEACHERS are concerned, to:

    • Help them upgrade their teaching skills through integrating the concept of storytelling into their teaching
    • Help them appreciate and acquaint themselves with new and innovative teaching methods which combine storytelling and interactive VR scenarios, hence upgrading their digital/ICT skills
    • Help them enhance skills such as creativity and flexibility and integrate them in their daily classroom practice
    • Help them build on common experiences with their pupils, thus strengthening the professional, but also, above all, personal relationships with them. The “You Tell” stories concept gives teachers the opportunity to give the floor to their pupils, thus showing them that they respect and appreciate their intellectual and creative capacities
    • Help them see beyond the given, structured and daily routine and experience a part of education that they may have never had the chance to experience


  • Intellectual Output 1: Best Practices Guide on Storytelling and VR Technology in Primary Education.
  • Intellectual Output 2: Creation of the “You Tell” Stories and Relevant Guide.
  • Intellectual Output 3: Creation of “You Tell” Virtual Reality Scenarios.
  • Intellectual Output 4: “Change the Story” Teaching Package for Pupils.



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