PreDys: Supporting Children At Risk Of Dyslexia At the Transition Period From Pre Primary to Primary

PreDys is an international project that was born thanks to the collaboration with Erasmus + and its main objective is to support children at risk of dyslexia in the transition period from early childhood education to primary education.

Partners: Bulgaria, Latvia, Spain, Turkey, Portugal and Greece

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The main objectives of the project are:

  • Help children with dyslexia to make an easy transition from preschool to elementary school and have the opportunity to develop their full potential in the new educational environment.

  • Create a set of materials for teachers and families taking into account the appropriate knowledge and characteristics of these students.

  • Implement a set of tips and exercises with initial information on study skills for each boy and girl depending on their individual needs.


  • Intellectual Output 1: Pedagogical Framework: Part in which the theme of the project (dyslexia) is put into context with all kinds of articles and works by authors and experts from different countries.​
  • Intellectual Output 2: PreDys Tool Kit: Set of activities that will support schools and families to detect and help children with dyslexia.
  • Intellectual Output 3: PilotingImplementation of the tool kit in different educational centers to obtain and assess the results of these activities.


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