Moving Stars

MOVING Safely To All RoadS

The MOVING STARS project aims to bring together schools, road safety experts, teachers, and advanced educational applications developers to design, develop and validate an innovative movement games-based approach for Traffic Safety & Mobility Education in Kindergartens and primary schools.

The idea is to combine digital applications with “traditional” movement games containing sensorimotor, linguistic, cognitive, social, and emotional elements to promote a holistic approach for traffic safety, appropriate to the developmental stage of students between 5 and 11 years.

Partners: Greece, Turkey, Spain, Ireland and Poland

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MOVING STARS is changing the way Road Safety is being perceived and implemented by both teachers and students. Specifically:

Teachers will:

    • Update their skills and knowledge on Traffic Safety & Mobility Education in order to incorporate the topic in their teaching.
    • Receive training tools & resources for implementing games-based learning activities for traffic safety.
    • Gain knowledge and skills in the design and implementation of innovative multidisciplinary educational activities, as well as different methodologies and practical examples in the field of training and awareness on road safety, taught by entities from different EU countries.
    • Gain intercultural awareness through cooperation with partners from different European countries, adding a new dimension to their teaching that will be based on a new culture of sharing.

Students will:

    • Master movement skill proficiency through digital movement-based learning games. Develop and improve skills required to stay safe as an active road user (pedestrian/cyclist).
    • Gain knowledge and understand traffic rules and situations.
    • Promote a “safe minded” culture towards risk awareness, personal safety and the safety of other road users.
    • Reduce the number of children injured/killed in road crashes on their route to school or other daily routes and promote active transport by providing the tools necessary for a well-informed choice of transport mode.


  • Intellectual Output 1: The development of the pedagogical framework of the MOVING STARS training programme, based on an extended needs assessment survey and a comprehensive implementation plan of its principles.
  • Intellectual Output 2: The development of the MOVING STARS training programme, starting from a Teacher’s Guide, and game proposals (board games, conversation games, role playing, visual art games etc.)
  • Intellectual Output 3: The MOVING STARS Application Deployment consisting of entertaining movement-based learning games using motion sensing input devices.
  • Intellectual Output 4: The “Safety To All RoadS HUB” (STARS HUB), aiming to be a living lab of implementing Traffic Safety and Mobility Education activities at the premises of the school engaging the whole school community.
  • Intellectual Output 5: Validation: Pre-test and Evaluation of the training programme, including a detailed presentation of the validation plan, the validation elements of innovation, expected instruments and the analysis of the data collected during the two cycles of implementation impact and transferability potential and the school-based activities.