KA2 Projects


General information

KA2 projects are intended for the development of the education, training and youth sectors through five main activities:

  1. Strategic Associations that promote innovation in the sector and joint initiatives to promote cooperation, peer learning and the exchange of experience.
  2. Knowledge Alliances to stimulate innovation in higher education together with business and contribute to new approaches to teaching and learning, entrepreneurship in education and the modernization of higher education systems in Europe.
  3. Sector Skills Alliances to address skills gaps and better align vocational training with labor market needs. There are opportunities to modernize VET, exchange knowledge and practices, encourage work abroad and broaden the recognition of qualifications.
  4. Development of Capacities in the field of higher education to promote the modernization, accessibility and internationalization of higher education in the associated countries.
  5. Youth capacity development projects to support youth work, non-formal learning and volunteering, as well as non-formal learning opportunities with partner countries.

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The KA2 projects we have in the school are:


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Seminar teachers

Àngels and Aitor did a seminar for primary teachers explaining them the main goals of Moving Stars and the dynamics and ativities we have created.

Meeting with a school from Madrid

Some teachers from the school did a seminar with Escuela Santa Elena taking advantage to explain them the projects we’re carrying.

School’s newsletter

Every month our school releases a newsletter talking about the main topics of each grade and there was a special acknowledgment to Moving Stars project.

Online Seminar in Chile

Dani and Àngels did an online seminar to talk about the projects our school is involved in.

Project presentation to students

Our students of 6th have talked about the projects that our school is involved in to all the students of Primary.

3rd graders working on Road Safely

3rd graders are doing a unit about Road Safety in PE using the activities that we developed in Moving Stars.