The wheel of solidarity


The wheel of solidarity

This project is between two schools:

1- Escola Sant Josep (Spain)
2- Simoonga Thandizani Trust School (Zambia)

Here you can see some information about the Zambian school:

Simoonga Thandizani Trust School is a non-profit charity school providing free basic quality education to about 450 rural boys and girls.

The school is located in Simoonga Village, 15 kilometers west of Livingstone City. There is overwhelming poverty in the village and most families are unable to afford the school fees required to attend the local government school. 

As a result, Simoonga Thandizani Trust School was founded as a community charity  project to provide free basic quality education to the underprivileged and orphaned children.

The name Thandizani was chosen because it means help or support. As you may think, the school needs constantly help from well wishers in order to keep providing  free quality learning to our pupils. This will allow them to have meaningful and productive lives as adults.

The idea of this project is the following one:

Pen pals

The fifth-grade students of both schools have started a project in which they periodically send each other letters in English to explain their lives, some curiosities about where they live, their hobbies…

In this way, we offer the possibility to our children to know a very different world, to meet people from other countries and to discover the differences that exist between both realities.

In addition, we encourage the use of the English language in the classroom, acquiring more vocabulary and expressions.

Charity project

We are doing a new project with the Zambian school to collect money in Spain, buy different materials and take them to the African school.

In this way, the children of the Zambian school will carry out different crafts with the idea of ​​bringing all the objects to Spain, selling them and sending the money collected to Zambia to contribute to improving their school, their education, and, consequently, their lives.