Latest news

Seminar teachers

Àngels and Aitor did a seminar for primary teachers explaining them the main goals of Moving Stars and the dynamics and ativities we have created.

Meeting with a school from Madrid

Some teachers from the school did a seminar with Escuela Santa Elena taking advantage to explain them the projects we’re carrying.

School’s newsletter

Every month our school releases a newsletter talking about the main topics of each grade and there was a special acknowledgment to Moving Stars project.

Online Seminar in Chile

Dani and Àngels did an online seminar to talk about the projects our school is involved in.

Project presentation to students

Our students of 6th have talked about the projects that our school is involved in to all the students of Primary.

3rd graders working on Road Safely

3rd graders are doing a unit about Road Safety in PE using the activities that we developed in Moving Stars.


The Erasmus Projects are a great experience for both students and teachers and bring many positive inputs to the schools like new acitivities or methodologies to implement. Besides, being in contact with people from abroad help us all to open our minds and break the stereotypes.

Aitor Paris Escola Sant Josep

The Erasmus Programme offers a lot of opportunities for teachers and students. Being in contact with different partners around Europe open your mind to new educational ways of learning.

Daniel López Escola Sant Josep

Participating in Erasmus+ projects is a unique and enriching experience of continuous learning. It is a great opportunity for educational, professional and personal development.The students meet peers from other countries, discover their cultures and improve their skills in an innovative way.  It helps with motivation towards learning, strengthening the European identity and active citizenship. International projects also give teachers an opportunity to exchange knowledge and methods of teaching with foreign colleagues providing participants with skills, techniques and methods to be applied in their school.

Aleksandra Okularcyzk